Wild Lotus xxx  is a boutique florist located on the northern Gold Coast offering gorgeous flowers to suit your every need.

From stunning individual wedding bouquets and corporate work, to celebrating the arrival of new babies or simply just beautifying your home,

Wild Lotus xxx  will create your personalised arrangement in store or deliver it for you anywhere on the Gold Coast, interstate or overseas.Thanks to our loyal customers and friends we were voted in the Top 3 Florists on the Gold Coast!


                                               NA COVID19

As we welcome 2021, Covid19 is still hanging around. Flowers are available, however, not on mass as they have been in the past. Keep checking in as I will have flower of the week available as soon as I can.  

Until then, stay safe, wash your hands and keep buying flowers!

Hope to see you in store soon xxx


Stay up to date with the Flower Of The Week.

Include it in an arrangement or bouquet for your special event or your just-because blooms.



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