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Dannii, Sept 24th 2016

As a bride to be with a wedding Interstate, I could not have asked for a more welcoming and accommodating florist than Wild Lotus xxx.

Imogen was the VERY first Florist I had gone to on the Gold Coast and I was expecting to have a long day of florist hunting. As soon as I walked in Imogen was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable that she understood my desire to have a Native bouquet and it needed it to survive a 7 hour trip a day before the wedding. I can not thank Imogen enough. With not having seen the flowers myself until the rehearsal (the day before) as I had to get a bridesmaid to pick them up before she came down, I can say I was not disappointed. I can honestly say that they survived the trip there and looked as if they were made up the morning of. The flowers were defiantly a talking point of the wedding and to this day everyone still says I love your flowers. I still have them all including the button holes dried out and they will always have a place in my heart. Imogen not only does a AMAZING job with her flowers and takes a lot of pride in designing her bouquets but her prices are amazing and fair. If I need flowers again my first stop will be WILD LOTUS xxx because I know I won't walk away disappointed and either will you. I rate her and her company a very high 10/10 and will recommend her to anyone with out hesitation.

Dannii Clare

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